• Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs

    Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs

    Uncovering the Truth about Dinosaurs explores the most fascinating and mysterious creatures of all time - dinosaurs. Fueled as much by popular culture as by science, dinosaurs capture the imagination. Footprints and fossilized bones prove they once...

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  • Made In His Image

    Made In His Image

    Made in His Image is an awe-inspiring journey through the most complex and miraculous creation on Earth - us. It explores evidence that the complex design of the human body is the result of God's purposeful creation. Featuring medical, engineering, and...

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  • Left Behind: What's it All About

    Left Behind: What's it All About

    Left Behind What's It All About ? is a six DVD set offering a conference on Bible prophecy featuring Tim LaHaye, Gary Frazier and Ed Hindson. Topics include: The Rapture, Second Coming and Glorious Appearing, God's Plan for the Ages, Signs of the Coming...

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  • 7 Signs by Gary Frazier (Video Series)

    7 Signs by Gary Frazier (Video Series)

    Seven Signs of the 2nd Coming of Christ is an outstanding 2 DVDs 4 part seies on Biblical Prophecy and Christ s return. These DVDs are outstanding to use in Home School, Sunday School, and Small group Studies. Christ spoke of impending wars, rumors of...

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  • Is America One Nation Under Go

    Is America One Nation Under Go

    One DVD & one CD - Were the founding fathers Christians? What role should Christians play in our national government? There is much debate today about the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and the intent of our founding documents - a debate that has...

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  • Restoring America's Constituti

    Restoring America's Constituti

    Our politicians and judge ignore the basic precepts of law, justice, and freedom that made this country so incredibly successful. The original intent of the Constitution has been lost, and with it the core strength of America. Discover the fundamental...

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  • Saving America Begins in You

    Saving America Begins in You

    If America is to be saved from the deepening spiral of corruption and defeat that threatens the American Dream, it is YOU who must save it. YOU are the only one who can exercise the defend the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with...

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  • The Birth of Freedom

    The Birth of Freedom

    Centuries of toil and sacrifice have preserved America's freedom---yet political upheaval and culture wars threaten to destroy it. This DVD/CD combo featuring Rick Green provides a video presentation on the principles of civil and religious freedom in...

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